Thursday, February 23, 2006


If you're as anal retentive as I am, you first must ask yourself, "Is anal retentive hyphenated?" Well, I'm anal retentive about some things, and my MP3 tags are one thing I obsess over. There's nothing worse than looking up at your music player to see songs in the wrong case, misspellings, or maybe nothing because there are no tags in the file. Another annoyance is when you have songs named differently because you chose a different scheme when you ripped your songs.

All of my problems are now solved with ID3-TagIT. This software does everything, and I mean everything related to managing your MP3 tags and file names. I'm just going to go over the highlights of what this thing does, but believe me when I tell you it does it all. For free.
  • If you are missing tag information, it can either extract tag info from the file names or look it up in the FreeDB database.
  • If the tags are correct but the files are named differently than you normally name them, it will rename the files the way you want. You can save different templates if you have different naming schemes.
  • If the tags are file names are correct but some dumbass decided to be cool and put everything in lower case, it will correct the case for you.
  • Besides merely managing the tags and file names, it also does file management duties like looking for duplicate files, moving, copying, and deleting files. It will also find and highlight files where the tags and file names don't match.

There's not much more I can say about this tool other than it has saved me hours and hours of my valuable time. If you have lots of MP3 files and you want them named correctly with accurate tags, then this tool is for you. Even though it's free, and I don't like to pay for software, I gladly made a PayPal donation to Michael Pleumper for his brilliant and well-written software.

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