Tuesday, February 03, 2009


I absolutely love Easynews and anyone who wants access to the limitless amount of content hidden within newsgroup servers, Easynews is the best way to get to it.

So why should care about newsgroups and why on Earth would you want to pay $9.95 a month for it? Because newsgroups are the original forums, places where people discuss all kinds of topics in a specific place. No matter what your interest, there are newsgroups for it. Especially if you like binary content. The problem is, you have to put large stuff out there in little pieces, and some of the pieces get lost because newsgroup content is generally not kept around for very long.

Enter Easynews -- they keep their newsgroup content around for a long time, much longer than most providers and they make the binary treasure trove hidden within very easy to get to. Music? Check. Movies? Check. Games? Check. It's all out there, tons of it, but you just need the right service to get to it all and get to it easily.

And Easynews is definitely the right service. Check it out -- they have a free three day trial so you can see just how good it is.


Anonymous said...

I've been with easynews for about 4 years, and I always loved the service up until about 5 months ago.

Since around September-October the service has steadily become more and more degraded. I used to be able to get tv shows the next day after they broadcast, but now it's like 2 or 3 days if they show up at all. The auto-unrar is virtually useless now,and if you check the rar files you know why, because half of them are missing.

I've never seen as many disgruntled customers in their support forum, and unfortunately because of so many complaints the support staff have become jaded, and pretend they don't understand why people are upset.

They've been promising that things will eventually get better, but after this long I highly suspect that it won't.

Cheers, Dave

furman87 said...


Thanks for reading and thanks for your comments regarding Easynews. I personally haven't experienced the same degradation in service that you have, and hopefully Easynews will address the situation.

newshosting said...

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